Chronos Aviation was founded to support corporate, commuter, and special missions aircraft.  The company grew successfully, and in 2019 purchased the MRO operations of Emery Air MRO, LLC. Both Emery and Chronos had complimentary services that will continue to expand.

Chronos Aviation is located at the Chicago-Rockford International Airport. The airport’s roots go back to early WWII days when it was known as Camp Grant. At the end of the war in 1946, that land was turned into the Rockford Airport, and has been located here since then, expanding many times to include its modern day 10,002’ and 8200’ runways, suitable for just about any aircraft in the world.  In 1999, the company purchased the line services division of Raytheon Aircraft Services-Rockford and subsequently changed its name to Emery Air Inc. Through market growth and further development of capabilities, Chronos Aviation has become a major inspection and modification facility for commercial aircraft.

Chronos Aviation’s facilities and dedicated staff provide customers the professional and service-oriented experience that exists throughout the organization. Each division of the Company, including corporate and commercial aircraft maintenance, ULD repair, and our Certification Engineering team exhibits a high degree of innovation, professionalism and flexibility in meeting the needs of every customer. Although the company is over fifty years old, the “Can Do” spirit has never diminished.